Source code for websauna.system.admin.admin

"""Default admin root implementation."""

# Pyramid
from import Allow
from import Deny
from import Everyone
from zope.interface import implementer

# Websauna
from websauna.system.admin import menu
from import AdminConstruction
from websauna.system.admin.interfaces import IAdmin
from websauna.system.core.root import Root
from websauna.system.core.traversal import Resource

[docs]@implementer(IAdmin) class Admin(Resource): """Admin interface main object. Presents /admin part of the URL. Manages model admin registrations and discovery. Provides helper functions to map SQLAlchemy objects to their admin URLs. ``Admin`` declares two default menu systems which can be used to register application specific and third party add on entries * ``Admin.get_quick_menu()`` returns a vertical menu which is visible in the main site navigation * ``Admin.get_admin_menu()`` returns a horizontal menu which is visible after entering the admin UI This class is instiated for each request and does not have global state. """ #: Default permissions of who can add, read and write things in admin __acl__ = [ # Declare admin rights (Allow, 'group:admin', 'add'), (Allow, 'group:admin', 'view'), (Allow, 'group:admin', 'edit'), (Allow, 'group:admin', 'delete'), (Allow, 'superuser:superuser', 'shell'), # Disable access to public users (Deny, Everyone, 'view'), # Declared in websauna.system.core.root.Root ] def __init__(self, request): super(Admin, self).__init__(request) # Current add_route() view config sets Admin instance as request.root when traversing inside admin. # Assume this admin instance lives directly under the root self.__parent__ = Root(request) self.__name__ = "admin" self.admin_menu_entry = None self.quick_menu_entry = None # Registered child resources, usually put in AdminConstruct event self.children = {} self.construct()
[docs] def get_title(self): return "Admin"
[docs] def construct(self): """Call all admin contributors and let them register parts to this admin.""" self.construct_default_menu() # Call all plugins to register themselves self.request.registry.notify(AdminConstruction(self))
[docs] def construct_default_menu(self): """Setup admin main menu.""" self.admin_menu_entry = menu.NavbarEntry("admin-menu-navbar", label=None, submenu=menu.Menu(), css_class="navbar-admin") self.quick_menu_entry = menu.RouteEntry("admin-menu-quick", "Admin", "admin_home", icon="fa-wrench", submenu=menu.Menu()) home = menu.RouteEntry("admin-quick-menu-home", "Dashboard", "admin_home", icon="fa-wrench") self.quick_menu_entry.submenu.add_entry(home) home = menu.RouteEntry("admin-menu-home", "Dashboard", "admin_home", icon="fa-wrench") self.admin_menu_entry.submenu.add_entry(home) data = menu.RouteEntry("admin-menu-data", "Data", "admin_home", submenu=menu.Menu(), icon="fa-list") self.admin_menu_entry.submenu.add_entry(data)
[docs] def get_quick_menu_entry(self) -> menu.Entry: """Return Admin root menu.""" return self.quick_menu_entry
[docs] def get_quick_menu(self) -> menu.Menu: return self.quick_menu_entry.submenu
[docs] def get_admin_menu_entry(self) -> menu.Entry: return self.admin_menu_entry
[docs] def get_admin_menu(self) -> menu.Menu: return self.admin_menu_entry.submenu
def __getitem__(self, name): """Traverse to individual model admins by the model name.""" child = self.children[name] return child