Source code for websauna.system.admin.utils

# Websauna
from websauna.system.admin.interfaces import IAdmin
from websauna.system.admin.modeladmin import ModelAdmin
from websauna.system.core.traversal import Resource

[docs]def get_admin(request) -> IAdmin: """Get hold of the default site admin interface root object.""" admin_class = request.registry.queryUtility(IAdmin) return admin_class(request)
[docs]def get_admin_for_model(admin: IAdmin, model: type) -> Resource: """Return Admin resource for a model manager interface. """ model_manager = admin["models"] if not in model_manager: raise KeyError("No admin defined for model: {}".format(model)) return model_manager[]
[docs]def get_admin_resource_for_sqlalchemy_object(admin: IAdmin, instance: object) -> ModelAdmin.Resource: """Return ModelAdmin.Resource for an SQLAlchemy object. Example how to get an admin edit link for an SQLAlchemy object: .. code-block:: python resource = get_admin_resource_for_sqlalchemy_object(request.admin, asset) return request.resource_url(resource, "edit") :param admin: ``request.admin`` :param instance: SQLAlchemy instance """ admin = get_model_admin_for_sqlalchemy_object(admin, instance) res = admin.wrap_to_resource(instance) return res
[docs]def get_model_admin_for_sqlalchemy_object(admin: IAdmin, instance: object) -> ModelAdmin: """Return ModelAdmin resource for a SQLAlchemy object instance.""" model_manager = admin["models"] registry = admin.request.registry model = instance.__class__ model_admin_id = registry.model_admin_ids_by_model.get(model) assert model_admin_id, "No ModelAdmin configured for model {}".format(model) return model_manager[model_admin_id]
[docs]def get_admin_url_for_sqlalchemy_object(admin: IAdmin, instance: object, view_name: str = None) -> str: """Return direct URL to the admin view page of this object: Example: .. code-block:: python link = get_admin_url_for_sqlalchemy_object(request.admin, choice, view_name="edit") :param admin: Admin root object :param instance: SQLAlchemy object """ model_admin = get_model_admin_for_sqlalchemy_object(admin, instance) return model_admin.get_object_url(instance, view_name=view_name)