Source code for websauna.system.auth.policy

# Pyramid
from pyramid.authentication import \
    SessionAuthenticationPolicy as _SessionAuthenticationPolicy

# Websauna
from websauna.utils.time import now

[docs]class SessionAuthenticationPolicy(_SessionAuthenticationPolicy): """Session authentication policy which makes sure all responses get vary: Cookie. Originally from """ #: Session has this key set to the timestamp when the user authentication happened. The key is removed when the user logs out. authenticated_at_key = "authenticated_at" #: This is the timestamp when this session logged out last time unauthenticated_at_key = "unauthenticated_at"
[docs] def remember(self, request, userid, **kw): """ Store a userid in the session.""" request.session[self.userid_key] = userid # Do not lose the original log in timestamp if we get multiple calls to remember() if self.authenticated_at_key not in request.session: request.session[self.authenticated_at_key] = now() return []
[docs] def forget(self, request): """User logs out or is forced to be forgotten.""" # Wiggle session keys so that we know when unauthentication happened request.session[self.unauthenticated_at_key] = now() # Remove authenticated_at timestamp so nothing can read it when there is no logged in associated user if self.authenticated_at_key in request.session: del request.session[self.authenticated_at_key] return super().forget(request)
[docs] def unauthenticated_userid(self, request): """What is the user id for unauthenticated users.""" # If we're calling into this API on a request, then we want to register # a callback which will ensure that the response varies based on the # Cookie header. # request.add_response_callback(add_vary_callback_if_cookie("Cookie")) # Dispatch to the real SessionAuthenticationPolicy return super().unauthenticated_userid(request)