Source code for websauna.system.core.views.notfound

"""Default HTTP 404 Not Found handling."""

# Standard Library
import logging

# Pyramid
import transaction
from pyramid.renderers import render
from pyramid.response import Response
from pyramid.view import notfound_view_config

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]@notfound_view_config() def notfound(request): """Not found view which will log the 404s in the site error log.""" # Try to extract some more information from request user = getattr(request, "user", None) if user: username = getattr(user, "friendly_name", "<unknown>") else: username = "<anomymous>" # TODO: Maybe make this configurable, default to WARN, configurable as INFO for high volume sites"404 Not Found. user:%s URL:%s referrer:%s", request.url, username, request.referrer) # Make sure 404 page does not have any status information, as it is often overlooked special case for caching and we don't want to cache user information try: request.user = None except Exception as exc: logger.debug("pyramid_tm 2.0 - this fails: {exc}".format(exc=exc)) pass # The template rendering opens a new transaction which is not rolled back by Pyramid transaction machinery, because we are in a very special view. This tranaction will cause the tests to hang as the open transaction blocks Base.drop_all() in PostgreSQL. Here we have careful instructions to roll back any pending transaction by hand. html = render('core/notfound.html', {}, request=request) resp = Response(html) resp.status_code = 404 # Hint pyramid_redis_session not to generate any session cookies for this response resp.cache_control.public = True transaction.abort() return resp