Source code for websauna.system.devop.scripts

"""Command line scripts."""
# Standard Library
import os
import sys
import typing as t
from textwrap import dedent

from pkg_resources import load_entry_point

# Websauna
from websauna.system import SanityCheckFailed
from websauna.system.devop.cmdline import prepare_config_uri

FAIL_MSG = """Sanity check failed



This script is deprecated and will be removed in a future release of Websauna.
Instead, please use the following command;
{script} {config_uri}

[docs]def feedback(message: str, display_border: bool = True): """Display a feedback message on the console then exit. :param message: Message to be displayed to the user. :raises sys.SystemExit: """ if display_border: border = '=' * 100 message = '{border}\n{message}\n{border}'.format(border=border, message=message) message = dedent(message) print(message)
[docs]def feedback_and_exit(message: str, status_code: t.Optional[int] = None, display_border: bool = True): """Display a feedback message on the console then exit. :param message: Message to be displayed to the user. :param status_code: Status code to be raised after displaying the message. :raises sys.SystemExit: """ feedback(message, display_border) sys.exit(status_code)
[docs]def get_config_uri(argv: t.List[str]) -> str: """Return the config_uri from command line argv. :param argv: Sequence of command line string arguments. :return: config_uri, i.e: ws://websauna/conf/test.ini """ config_uri = argv[1] return prepare_config_uri(config_uri)
[docs]def usage_message(argv: t.List[str], additional_params: str = '', additional_line: t.Optional[str] = None): """Display usage message and exit. :param argv: Command line arguments. :param additional_params: Additional parameters to be displayed. i.e.: [var=value]. :param additional_line: Additional line to be added to the end of the message. i.e.: [var=value]. :raises sys.SystemExit: """ cmd = os.path.basename(argv[0]) msg = 'usage: {cmd} <config_uri> {params}\n(example: "{cmd} ws://conf/production.ini{line}")'.format( cmd=cmd, params=additional_params, line='' if not additional_line else '\n{0}'.format(additional_line) ) feedback_and_exit(msg, status_code=1, display_border=False)
[docs]def display_deprecation_warning(script: str, config_uri: str): """Display a deprecation message. :param script: Name of the original Pyramid script. :param config_uri: URI for the configuration file. """ message = DEPRECATION_MSG.format(script=script, config_uri=config_uri) feedback(message, True)
[docs]def proxy_to_pyramid_script(script: str, argv: t.List[str]): """Proxy call to the original Pyramid script. :param script: Name of the original Pyramid script. :param argv: Command line arguments. :raises sys.SystemExit: """ if len(argv) < 2: usage_message(argv) # Make sure we are prefixing calls with our plaster schema loader. config_uri = get_config_uri(argv) argv[1] = config_uri display_deprecation_warning(script, config_uri) try: sys.exit( load_entry_point('pyramid', 'console_scripts', script)() ) except SanityCheckFailed as exc: feedback_and_exit(FAIL_MSG.format(exception=str(exc)), 1)