Source code for websauna.system.devop.scripts.createuser

"""ws-create-user script.

Create a new site user from command line.
# Standard Library
import getpass
import os
import sys
import typing as t

# Websauna
from websauna.system.devop.cmdline import init_websauna
from websauna.system.devop.scripts import feedback_and_exit
from websauna.system.devop.scripts import get_config_uri
from import UserCreated
from websauna.system.user.interfaces import IUserModel
from websauna.system.user.models import Group
from websauna.system.user.utils import get_user_class
from websauna.system.user.utils import get_user_registry
from websauna.utils.time import now

[docs]def usage_message(argv: t.List[str]): """Display usage message and exit. :param argv: Command line arguments. :raises sys.SystemExit: """ cmd = os.path.basename(argv[0]) msg = ( 'usage: {cmd} <config_uri> [password] [--admin]\n' '(example: "{cmd} ws://conf/production.ini [email protected] verysecret --admin")' ).format(cmd=cmd) feedback_and_exit(msg, status_code=1, display_border=False)
[docs]def create( request, username: str, email: str, password: t.Optional[str] = None, source: str = 'command_line', admin: bool = False ) -> IUserModel: """Create a new site user from command line. :param request: :param username: Username, usually an email. :param email: User's email. :param password: Password. :param source: Source of this user, in here, command_line. :param admin: Set this user to admin. The first user is always implicitly admin. :return: Newly created user. """ User = get_user_class(request.registry) dbsession = request.dbsession u = dbsession.query(User).filter_by(email=email).first() if u is not None: return u u = User(email=email, username=username) dbsession.add(u) dbsession.flush() # Make sure u.user_data is set if password: user_registry = get_user_registry(request) user_registry.set_password(u, password) u.registration_source = source u.activated_at = now() request.registry.notify(UserCreated(request, u)) if admin: group = dbsession.query(Group).filter_by(name='admin').one_or_none() group.users.append(u) return u
[docs]def main(argv: t.List[str] = sys.argv): """Create a new site user from command line. :param argv: Command line arguments, second one needs to be the uri to a configuration file. :raises sys.SystemExit: """ if len(argv) < 3: usage_message(argv) config_uri = get_config_uri(argv) request = init_websauna(config_uri) email = argv[2] is_admin = True if '--admin' in argv else False password = argv[3] if len(argv) >= 4 and argv[3] != '--admin' else '' if not password: password = getpass.getpass('Password:') password2 = getpass.getpass('Password (again):') if password != password2: feedback_and_exit('Passwords did not match', display_border=False) with u = create(request, email=email, username=email, password=password, admin=is_admin) message = 'Created user #{id}: {email}, admin: {is_admin}'.format(,, is_admin=u.is_admin() ) feedback_and_exit(message, status_code=None, display_border=True)
if __name__ == "__main__": main()