Source code for websauna.system.user.models

"""Default user model implementations.

Define how User, Group, UserGroup and Activation models are in relationship together.

These models are picked up in :py:meth:`websauna.system.Initializer.configure_user_models`.
# Pyramid
from zope.interface import implementer

# SQLAlchemy
import sqlalchemy as sa
from sqlalchemy.ext.declarative.base import _declarative_constructor

# Websauna
from websauna.system.user import usermixin
from websauna.system.user.interfaces import IGroup
from websauna.system.user.interfaces import IUser
from websauna.system.user.usermixin import ActivationMixin
from websauna.system.user.usermixin import UserGroupMixin

[docs]@implementer(IUser) class User(usermixin.UserMixin): """The default user implementation for Websauna. This is a concrete implementation of SQLAlchemy model. """ # In PSQL "user", the automatically generated table name, is a reserved word __tablename__ = "users" __init__ = _declarative_constructor #: Current user activation instance for reset password for sign up email verification activation_id = sa.Column(sa.Integer, sa.ForeignKey("")) #: SQLAlchemy relationship for above activation = sa.orm.relationship('Activation', backref='user')
[docs]@implementer(IGroup) class Group(usermixin.GroupMixin): """The default group implementation for Websauna.""" __tablename__ = "group" __init__ = _declarative_constructor users = sa.orm.relationship( 'User', secondary="usergroup", passive_deletes=True, passive_updates=True, backref="groups", ) def __str__(self): """Representation of a Group object.""" return "Group #{id}: {name}".format(,
[docs]class UserGroup(UserGroupMixin): """Map one user to one group.""" __tablename__ = "usergroup" # Default constructor __init__ = _declarative_constructor user_id = sa.Column(sa.ForeignKey("")) group_id = sa.Column(sa.ForeignKey(""))
[docs]class Activation(ActivationMixin): """The default implementation of user email activation token.""" __tablename__ = "user_activation" # Default constructor __init__ = _declarative_constructor