Source code for websauna.tests.core.test_views

# Standard Library
import os

import pytest

# Websauna
from websauna.system import Initializer
from websauna.system.core.route import add_template_only_view
from websauna.tests.fixtures import get_app
from websauna.tests.webserver import customized_web_server

HERE = os.path.abspath(os.path.dirname(__file__))

[docs]def extra_init(init: Initializer): """Configure one templated only view.""" config = init.config config.add_jinja2_search_path(HERE + "/templates", name=".html") add_template_only_view(config, "/dummy", "dummy", "dummy.html")
[docs]@pytest.fixture(scope="module") def app(request, ini_settings): """Construct a WSGI app with tutorial models and admins loaded.""" app = get_app(ini_settings, extra_init=extra_init) return app
[docs]@pytest.fixture(scope="module") def web_server(request, app): """Run a web server with tutorial installed.""" web_server = customized_web_server(request, app) return web_server()
[docs]def test_template_only_view(browser, web_server): """See that we can register and render a template only view.""" browser.visit(web_server + "/dummy")