Websauna application entry point as an Initializer class, also serving as the platform configuration for customization.

Admin interface and automatically generated model admins.
Authentication and authorization.
Core logic and integration needed for a functional website. Session handling. The default site templates. Basic website mechanisms like flash messages and breadcrumbs.
An abstract CRUD implementation based on traversal. The default support for SQLAlchemy and Deform.
Command line and system maintenance oriented functionality.
Deform integration, form autogeneration, SQLAlchemy widgets and form core features like throttling and CSRF.
HTTP request and response handling.
Sending out HTML and plain text email.
SQLAlchemy modelling support.
IPython Notebook integration.
Delayed and scheduled tasks.
Default user models, login and sign up, federated authentication integration views.


Automatically fire events on function enter and exit.
Websauna config.
Cryptographic utilities.
HTML manipulation helpers.
JSONB data utilities.
OrderedSet implementation.
PostgreSQL helpers.
Python object fully qualified name resolving.
INI-file based secrets reading.
Utilities to encode and decode UUID objects as URL parameters.
Time and date helpers.
Helpers to traverse trees with __parent__ or __wrapped__ like attributes.


Admin tests.
Cookiecutter tests.
Core tests.
CRUD tests.
Devop tests.
Various Websauna specific py.test fixtures.
Form tests.
Model tests.
Permission test views.
Static tests.
Task tests.
User tests.
Utils tests.
Websauna tests viewconfig.
py.test fixtures for spinning up a WSGI server for functional test run.