websauna.system.core.views.redirect module

Defining redirects quickly.

websauna.system.core.views.redirect.redirect_view(path, new_path=None, new_route=None, status_code=302, name=None)[source]

Generate a redirect view.

Assign the return value of this function to a module level variable. configuration.scan() will pick it up and make a redirect route.

Give a new route name or direct path where requests should be redirected.

Example usage:

# Product no longer available
_redirect = redirect_view("/old-page", new_route="home", status_code=301)
_redirect2 = redirect_view("/old-page-2", new_route="home", status_code=301)

# SEO optimized path
_seo_redirect = redirect_view("/old-path-name", new_route="new_route_name", status_code=301)


  • Add regex matching and such.

‘ Inefficient internal implementation

  • path (str) – Old path to be redirected to a new location

  • new_route (Optional[str]) – A named route where requests are redirected.

  • new_path (Optional[str]) – A URL path where requests are redirected.

  • status_code (int) – 301 for permanent redirect, 302 for temporary direct

  • name (Optional[str]) – Optional route name. If not set it is generated from path.