websauna.system.http package

HTTP request and response handling.

class websauna.system.http.Request(environ, charset=None, unicode_errors=None, decode_param_names=None, **kw)[source]

Bases: pyramid.request.Request

HTTP request class.

This is a Pyramid Request object augmented with type hinting information for Websauna-specific functionality.

To know more about request read also

  • py:class:pyramid.request.Request documentation

  • py:class:webob.request.Request documentation

Counter-intuitiveily this request is also available in non-HTTP applications like command line applications and timed tasks. These applications do not get request URL from a front end HTTP webserver, but a faux request is constructed pointing to the website URL taken from websauna.site_url setting. This is to allow similar design patterns and methodology to be applied in HTTP and non-HTTP applications.

By settings variables in __type_hinting__() based on arguments types allows IDEs to infer type information when you hint your views as:

from websauna.system.http import Request

def hello_world(request:Request):
    request.  # <-- When typing, here autocompletion kicks in.