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Technical questions


Ask questions on StackOverflow using Websauna tag. Other tags you can use are deform for form related questions.


Do not use python or any other popular tags, as trigger-happy moderators and StackOverflow refresh monkeys often close your question when they are not aware of or do not understand technologies outside mainstream Python.



Join the chat at

A real-time chat is available via Gitter.

You can use web, desktop and mobile clients. You need a GitHub account.


Gitter offers a native IRC bridge. You can connect to this chat via IRC:

  • Visit

  • Hit login link

  • You get your personal IRC server connection details after logging in with your GitHub account.

  • Use SSL and your personal server password connect to (note: this is not* the same as server)

  • Join channel #websauna/websauna

Example code

You can search code examples from various code examples in Websauna addons on GitHub.

In GitHub search box type:

user:websauna my_function_name


user:websauna get_secrets

… then click Code view.