There are two different starting points for new Websauna projects. Both are available using cookiecutter and our project templates.

Websauna Application

To create a standalone Websauna application, use the template cookiecutter-websauna-app.

Websauna Addon

To create a Python package / library which you can reuse across Websauna applications, use the template cookiecutter-websauna-addon

Addon guidelines and limitations

Never use websauna.system.model.meta.Base but always leave models baseless and let the application plug them in with websauna.system.model.utils.attach_model_to_base().

Maintain independent migration history.

Basic usage

Using a Python 3 virtual environment, install cookiecutter:

pip install cookiecutter

Then create a new application, following the instructions displayed by cookiecutter:

cookiecutter gh:websauna/cookiecutter-websauna-app

Or a new addon:

cookiecutter gh:websauna/cookiecutter-websauna-addon


For a detailed usage guide refer to each template repository or to our tutorial.