Admin interface

Admin interface integration testing

Below is example code how to write a integration test against admin interface. The test users various pytest fixtures from websauna.tests.conftest. We use websauna.tests.utils.create_logged_in_user() to set up a logged in admin browsing session.

from pyramid.registry import Registry
from splinter.driver import DriverAPI
from sqlalchemy.orm import Session

from websauna.tests.utils import create_logged_in_user

def test_add_admin_order(dbsession: Session, browser: DriverAPI, web_server: str, registry: Registry):
    """Place order through admin interface."""

    b = browser

    # Create a new admin user and log it into the web site
    create_logged_in_user(dbsession, registry, web_server, browser, admin=True)

    # Go to admin interface

    # Click the Add card button on the

    # Fill in the add form
    b.fill("name", "Peter Pärker")  # Always test for unicode
    b.fill("email", "[email protected]")
    b.fill("sender_name", "Big Corp Inc.")

    # Submit the form

    # Confirm we got "Item added" dialog box at the top of the page
    assert b.is_element_present_by_css("#msg-order-added")