The main component of Websauna is view. Usually a view is

  • Mapped to a certain URL path on your site e.g. /profile

  • Is a Python function or class

  • Have a template associated with it, through a renderer

  • May have permission requirements set on it

For more information please read the Views chapter in Pyramid documentation. Also see Getting started tutorial.

Configuring views

Simple route

The easiest way to add a view is to use websauna.system.core.route.simple_route() decorator.

Add to or any other module in your application:

@simple_route("/", route_name="home", renderer="myapp/home.html")
def home(request: Request):
    """Render the site homepage."""
    latest_question_list = request.dbsession.query(Question).order_by(Question.published_at.desc()).all()[:5]
    return locals()

To make simple_route decorator effective, you must scan the Python module in the Initializer or your app:

import websauna.system

class Initializer(websauna.system.Initializer):

    def configure_views(self):
        from . import views

For more information see

Imperative route and view config


  • pyramid.configurator.Configurator.add_view()

  • pyramid.configurator.Configurator.add_route()


Context sensitive views

If you are using traversal views take an additional context argument which is an instance of websauna.system.core.traversal.Resource. The router resolves a view with most accurate context class match, so if you want to override any stock views, subclass them and change context to your own resource class. Websauna provides websauna.system.core.viewconfig.view_overrides() decorator which helps here.

Example how to get a custom listing view for the admin of Review model.

from websauna.system import admin

# We implement a subclass of ModelAdmin with a subclass for a resource
class Review(admin.ModelAdmin):
    class Resource(admin.ModelAdmin.Resource):

Below is a corresponding view example. websauna.system.core.viewconfig.view_overrides() sets a context for ReviewListing.listing() (implemented in websauna.system.crud.views.Listing.listing()) to a Review.Resource class. Because Review.Resource is more accurate than its parent websauna.system.admin.ModelAdmin.Resource this view gets picked up instead of the stock admin listing.

from websauna.system.core.viewconfig import view_overrides
from websauna.system.admin import views as adminviews
from websauna.system.crud import listing

from . import admin

# view_overrides sets context parameter form ReviewListing.

class ReviewListing(adminviews.Listing):

    title = "All reviews"

    table = listing.Table(
        columns = [
            listing.Column("id", "Id",),
            listing.Column("delivery_id", "Delivery", navigate_url_getter=get_delivery_link_from_review),
            listing.Column("customer", "Customer", getter=lambda obj: obj.customer.friendly_name, navigate_url_getter=get_customer_link_from_review),
            listing.Column("product", "Product"),
            listing.FriendlyTimeColumn("completed_at", "Completed at", timezone="US/Pacific"),
            listing.Column("rating", "Rating"),
            listing.Column("comment", "Comment"),

Protecting views with permissions

To make sure the user is logged in when accessing the view use pseudopermission authenticated. Example:

@simple_route("/affiliate", route_name="affiliate", renderer="views/affiliate.html", append_slash=False, permission="authenticated")
def affiliate_program(request):

Doing redirects

Below is an example how to do a redirect (HTTP 302 temporary redirect) for logged in users using pyramid.httpexceptions.HTTPFound:

from pyramid.httpexceptions import HTTPFound
from websauna.system.http import Request
from websauna.system.core.route import simple_route

@simple_route("/", route_name="home", renderer='myapp/home.html')
def home(request: Request):
    """Render site homepage."""

    if request.user:
        # Logged in users go directly from home to profile page
        return HTTPFound(request.route_url("profile"))

    return {"project": "My App"}

@simple_route("/profile", route_name="profile", renderer='myapp/profile.html')
def profile(request: Request):
    return {}


One could also do a redirect by raise HTTPFound() and let exception handling mechanism to perform the redirect. In this case, however, nothing is written to the database, like user login records, because exceptions cause transaction rollback.

Class based views

Views can be also class based, allowing one to easily recycle methods across view logic.

Example backoffice.views.api module that you can scan in configure_views() using config.scan():

import binascii

from pyramid.view import view_defaults
from websauna.system.core.route import simple_route

from ..models import CardEventSourceType
from ..card import provision
from ..card import get_ownership_info

@view_defaults(renderer='json', require_csrf=False)  # Set defaults for all API calls
class APIView:
    """Base class for API renderers."""

    def __init__(self, request):
        self.request = request

    def get_agent(self):
        return None

    def get_event_source(self):
        return CardEventSourceType.simulation

class Provision(APIView):
    """"NFC card provisioning API endpoint."""

    @simple_route("/api/provision", route_name="api_provision")
    def provision(self):
        """Provision a new card."""

        request = self.request
        agent = self.get_agent()
        event_source = self.get_event_source()

        box_no = request.params["box_serial_number"]
        card_no = binascii.unhexlify(request.params["card_serial_number"])

        box, card = provision(request.dbsession, box_no, card_no, event_source, agent=agent)

        ownership_info = get_ownership_info(box)

        return {"status": "ok", "ownership_info": ownership_info}

Stock views

Some special views Websauna provides out of the box.


Websauna application scaffold provides a route with name home. This should point to the landing page of your website.

This view is referred e.g. sign up emails.


  <a href="{{ 'home'|route_url }}">
    <img class="logo" src="{{ 'myapp:static/logo.png'|static_url }}" alt="{{ site_name }}">

HTTP 404 Not Found

Configured in websauna.system.Initializer.configure_error_views(). Implemented in websauna.system.core.notfound().

HTTP 403 Forbidden

Configured in websauna.system.Initializer.configure_error_views(). Implemented in websauna.system.core.forbidden.

HTTP 500 internal server error

Configured in websauna.system.Initializer.configure_error_views(). Implemented in websauna.system.core.internalservererror.

Error test view

This is a test view which raises a runtime error if you access it through /error-trigger.

Configured in websauna.system.Initializer.configure_error_views(). Implemented in websauna.system.core.errortrigger.

Shorthand redirect

You can add quick redirects in Python modules with websauna.system.core.redirect.redirect_view().