Creating web application project

Websauna community maintains two cookiecutter project templates: cookiecutter-websauna-app and cookiecutter-websauna-addon. We create the first application here.

Creating application package

Enter to your project folder and make sure the virtual environment is active on your shell:

cd myproject
source venv/bin/activate

Websauna uses cookiecutter tool to bootstrap a new project. To install it, inside this virtual environment, type:

pip install cookiecutter

Now, it is possible to create a new application:

cookiecutter gh:websauna/cookiecutter-websauna-app

Warning: After this point, change ‘Amazing Team’, ‘websauna’, etc to your own information.

Answer the prompts with your own desired options. For example:

full_name [Amazing Team]: Amazing Team
email [[email protected]]: [email protected]
company [Websauna]: Company
github_username [websauna]: company
project_name [My Package]: My Application
project_short_description [A nice and short description.]: Another Websauna application
tags [python package websauna pyramid]: python package websauna pyramid
repo_name [websauna.package]: company.application
namespace [company]: company
package_name [application]: application
release_date [today]:
year [2017]:
version [1.0.0a1]:
authentication_random [82e7affc6b55e58dd962e74e37dedc19679c92b9]:
authomatic_random [22539423a5ceb1fe6f7c6cd1a3a1867315236f25]:
session_random [1261a92aa68dc52877d8d2606943a4fb69ca0879]:


We recommend you accept the values presented for authentication_random, authomatic_random, session_random as they were generated for this execution.

After a while, the generation will be finished and the following message will be displayed:

Websauna Application.
Package company.application was generated.
Now, code it, create a git repository, push to your GitHub account.
Sorry for the convenience.

This will create a project structure similar to:

company.application/                                        # Python package root
company.application/alembic                                 # Database migration scripts
company.application/company                                 # Python namespace "company" with all .py files
company.application/company/application                     # Python module "application" with all .py files
company.application/company/application/         # Application entry point with Websauna Initializer
company.application/company/application/conf                # Config files
company.application/company/application/static              # Images, CSS and JavaScript
company.application/company/application/templates           # Jinja2 page templates
company.application/company/application/tests               # Automatic test suite
company.application/                                # Python package data

Installing application package

After you have created your application, you need to install it to your current virtual environment.

Install the package in edit mode, including Python package dependencies needed for development and testing, using pip:

pip install -e ".[dev,test]"