Federated authentication (Facebook login)

Websauna supports federated authentication (term:OAuth), more commonly known as a social login. You can use the login service of well known identity providers like Facebook, Twitter or Google to sign in to a Websauna site.

  • This encourages people to sign up for your service as they do not need to fill cumbersome sign up forms.

  • Users cannot be enforced to use secure passwords and safe password handling habits. Using a well established identity provider decreases the risk the site user gets their account compromised in cases like password keylogging. Well established identity providers have heuristics systems to detect account fraud and quickly alert users if there is a reason to believe their credentials have leader.

Obtaining Facebook login API keys

To use OAuth authentication you need to obtain OAuth consumer and API keys from the authentication provider. The API keys is application specific and are not to share. First you need to have a Facebook account which you can use to sign in to their developer services.

Go to developer.facebook.com.

Choose Add a New App in the profile menu.

Now we can the answer we all have been waiting for:


Then choose Website.

Give the name of your app e.g. myapp.


For Category you can see Apps for Pages.

Press Skip quickstart as Facebook app developer welcome wizard will only make you confused.


In Settings choose Add Platform. Use the development server localhost URL for the site http://localhost:6543.


Save changes.

Now you can get your OAuth API keys. On the settings page. Press App secret -> Show.

  • App ID is the OAuth consumer key.

  • App Secret is the OAuth consumer secret.

Open company/application/conf/development-secrets.ini. Fill in information in [facebook] section:

class = authomatic.providers.oauth2.Facebook
consumer_key = <consumer key goes here>
consumer_secret = <consumer secret goes here>
scope = user_about_me, email
mapper = websauna.system.user.social.FacebookMapper

Now edit company/application/conf/development.ini. Under [app:main] add a new setting:

websauna.social_logins =

Logging in with Facebook

Spin up your development web server. Make sure you are signed out. Go to Sign in page. Now you can log in with Facebook.


Press Login with Facebook and a warning appears:


This is because you have not filled in all the settings in developer.facebook.com and your Facebook application is not set to be public at the moment. The login will work for your own Facebook account, though.

If your Facebook account uses the same email as you gave earlier for ws-create-user command you can now use Login with Facebook to log in as administrator. Otherwise a new user is created. The new user does not have access to the admin, as this is given to the site initial user only. However you can use the initial user to edit the newly created user and add it to Admin group.


More information

Read Websauna OAuth documentation.